Rogue is Officially Replaced As The X-Men's Best Power Thief

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Rogue is Officially Replaced As The X-Men's Best Power Thief

Rogue is the go-to hero for mimicking other mutants’ powers, but now another member of the X-Men has replaced her as the best person for the job.

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men #3!

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When it comes to Marvel’s X-MenRogue is a staple member of the team that has some wild power-thieving abilities, but another mutant, Synch, has just replaced her as the best power thief the X-Men currently have on the roster. And considering Rogue is usually the first hero to pop up in fans’ minds as the main mutant who can effectively take others’ powers and repurpose them for herself, Synch stepping up and replacing her is a huge development for them both.

Knocked out of her number one spot but still irreplaceable as a core member of the newly elected mutant team, X-Men #3, by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz, sees the sudden return of the highly intelligent villain called The High Evolutionary, a crazed geneticist who has experimented on and tormented his fair share of animals, humans, and mutants alike — Rogue included. Arriving planet-side offering a twisted deal that would essentially sterilize all of humanity in an attempt to stop them from ruining the Earth, The High Evolutionary’s offer is one that the X-Men barely have to think about.

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