Roku OS 10.5 Lets You Search Spotify With Your Voice

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Roku OS 10.5 Lets You Search Spotify With Your Voice

Roku just announced a ton of new stuff, including version 10.5 of Roku OS and many new streaming devices. One of the standout features in Roku OS 10.5 is the ability to search Spotify with your voice on the OS level, making finding music and podcasts much quicker.

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Roku is making some significant improvements to voice controls with the latest version of its operating system. Now, almost every channel in Roku Search supports the voice feature, including Netflix and Spotify. That means you can find music and podcasts using your voice (or by typing) directly on the OS level, rather than needing to navigate to the Spotify app. The same goes for services like Netflix.

Music and podcasts are becoming a more critical part of the Roku experience. The company is rolling out Roku Search Music and Podcast Row. When you search on Roku, you’ll see music and podcast separated from the other results, making it easier to find what you want.

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