Samsung CRG9 review: “Totally enthralling”

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Samsung CRG9 review: “Totally enthralling”

An epic gaming experience on an immense scale, but not a pukka HDR panel.

Is there a point at which ultrawide becomes ‘ultra silly’? The Samsung CRG9 certainly pushes the boundaries with its epic 49-inch diagonal and extreme 32:9 aspect ratio. But then it wasn’t that long ago 21:9 aspect monitors were controversial. Now they seem almost mainstream. Almost.

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Of course, the Samsung CRG9 has more going for it than simply size. There’s 120Hz refresh, HDR support with a sizzling peak brightness of 1,000 nits, and more. It’s not even all that expensive when you compare it to, say, one of the best 4K gaming monitors for gaming that’s 27-inches in size and has a high refresh rate. Time to find out how this powerhouse of a panel really performs and see if it really is one of the best curved gaming monitors still.

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