Scream Creator Kevin Williamson Reveals What Scares Him

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Scream Creator Kevin Williamson Reveals What Scares Him

Scream creator Kevin Williamson, whose scripts have been used in three of the four Scream films to date, has revealed to fans what scares him.

Famed slasher horror movie screenwriter and Scream creator Kevin Williamson has revealed what it is that scares him. In 1996, the now 56-year-old launched his career with what was to be the first entry in Wes Craven’s iconic Scream franchise. Williamson’s script was filled with everything that an excellent slasher horror film needs, but it also added its unique elements of comedy and offered a diverse range of horror movie references.

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The success of the first Scream launched a late 1990’s revival of the slasher genre, providing Williamson with the task of writing Scream 2 and a successful big-screen adaptation of Lois Duncan’s novel I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997. Williamson continued to work with Craven right up until the late director’s final film, Scream 4. The only movie in the Craven Scream era that Williamson didn’t write was 2000’s Scream 3 – an entry in the series that many fans inarguably site as the worst of the franchise. As the fifth installment in the franchise prepares to launch this coming January, Williamson remains connected to the concept he created a quarter of a century ago. He may not be credited as a writer on the new Scream film, but he worked with writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick on the script.

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