Scream Creator Reveals His Role In The New 2022 Movie

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Scream Creator Reveals His Role In The New 2022 Movie

After creating the Scream horror franchise and writing three of its five entries, Kevin Williamson reveals that he has a role in the new Scream film.

Scream creator, Kevin Williamson, has revealed that he has a role in the upcoming fifth installment of the popular slasher horror franchise. After being part of Scream for 25 years, Williamson’s name is well known among horror fans. His script for the first entry in the series, which took place in 1996, was the first feature film he had produced. Paired with beloved filmmaker Wes Craven, Williamson’s script helped give slasher horror new life.

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Though Williamson didn’t write the script for 2000’s Scream 3, he’s been the screenwriter for every other past entry in the franchise. The upcoming fifth installment, simply entitled Scream was also not written by Williamson, though he did work closely with writers Guy Busick and Jeremy Vanderbilt, leaving Busick to later point out what an experience it was. Williamson is also acting as executive producer on the new film, ensuring that part of the team that brought the series to life (Craven passed away in 2017), is still around to help keep things familiar. To date, the new Scream entry hasn’t given much away at all with regard to what the film’s plot will be, and even the cast isn’t completely known to fans yet.

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