Skype Announces New Features And A Modern Redesigned Look

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Skype Announces New Features And A Modern Redesigned Look

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service promises “an improved, faster, reliable, and super modern-looking Skype” is coming over the next few months, according to the company’s blog post. Skype said the new changes were based on customer feedback and requests. 

Perhaps the biggest change is that Skype now supports all browsers, whereas before, you could only use Skype if you had Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera. Skype also detailed that the latest update would include more color and new themes and layouts to its call stage—you’ll be able to find yourself on the main view during a call since all participants are now visible on the call stage. 

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Other changes include the ability for audio-only participants to have their own colorful backgrounds, upgraded chat headers, customizable notification sounds, a new reactions chooser, and more. 

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