Smelter review

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Smelter review

The RTS layer is limited and repetitive, but the platforming levels are well-designed and challenging.

Smelter begins with the story of Adam and Eve and the downfall of Eden, and ends with freeing an empress from a crystal prison and racing to stop a megalomaniac demon from taking over what I presume is a section of Hell. It’s a side-scrolling action-platformer with a real-time strategy overland map, a tower defense strategy game, and a top-down shoot ’em up, interweaving multiple indie-friendly genres—and not for its benefit.

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What is it? 60% pixelated action-platformer, 30% real-time tower defense strategy, 10% top-down shoot ’em up.
Expect to pay: $19.99
Developer: X PLUS Company Limited
Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment, Gamera Game
Reviewed on: Windows 10, AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core, Radeon RX 580, 24GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link: Official site

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