Snake Eyes Creator Details G.I. Joe Future Movie Plans

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Snake Eyes Creator Details G.I. Joe Future Movie Plans

While Snake Eyes disappointed at the box office, and the future is uncertain, Larry Hama shares the original plans for the future G.I. Joe movies.

Snake Eyes creator, Larry Hama, shared details about the future plans for the G.I. Joe franchise. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins was released in July 2021 and was set to mark a new beginning for the G.I. Joe franchise. The film starred Henry Golding as the title character and explored how he became the legendary ninja as well as his rivalry with Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji). The film also teased the larger world of the conflict between the G.I. Joe team and the villainous organization, Cobra.

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The film was a box-office disappointment, opening to number 2 at the box-office in its opening weekend behind M. Night Shyamalan’s Old and fell quickly out of the top 5. As of this writing, the film has grossed $38 million worldwide against a budget of $88 million and a $160 to $175 million breakeven point. The film was hurt by poor word of mouth, the rising concern over the Delta variant, and a release date that was pushed up months in advance with a marketing campaign that had to quickly catch people’s attention. Toys for Snake Eyes had not even been released and are set to hit shelves in October.

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