Splinter Cell: Blacklist Writer Wants A Sequel

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Writer Wants A Sequel

Far Cry 6 narrative director and Splinter Cell: Blacklist writer Navid Khavari wants to see a new Splinter Cell game sometime in the future.

In an interview with Screen RantSplinter Cell: Blacklist writer Navid Khavari expressed interest in seeing a sequel to the 2013 game. Splinter Cell has largely been dormant since the release of Blacklist, as the Xbox One and PS4 console generation was the first since the series began that didn’t see a new game. Still, Ubisoft hasn’t officially closed the book on the franchise, and many fans are hoping for a return.

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A new Splinter Cell game is coming to Oculus Rift at some point in the future, but it’s unclear how substantial it will be to the overall canon. Ubisoft and Netflix are also developing an animated series based on the franchise – part of Ubisoft’s recent expansions into other mediums. All the while, fans have been demanding a proper AAA Splinter Cell game.

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