Stardew Valley Player's "Never Gonna Give You Up" Is Perfect Rickroll

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Stardew Valley Player's "Never Gonna Give You Up" Is Perfect Rickroll

A Stardew Valley player composed the first few refrains of Rick Astley’s internet hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” with the game’s flute and drum blocks.

Stardew Valley players are no strangers to creative ways to customize their farm space using the game’s often quirky and eclectic accessories. One musically inclined player certainly made a full commitment by using the game’s drum and flute blocks to rickroll their audience with a surprisingly adept rendition of Rick Astley’s pop music staple, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

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For those who don’t know the game, but are gonna play it, drum and flute blocks are just two of Stardew Valley‘s many craftable items, unlocked fairly early in the game. Each one, when placed on an available tile, will play either a drum or flute note accordingly when the player’s avatar runs past it. The blocks can be tuned to different notes by right-clicking them, and by compiling a few together, players can easily compose short tunes or jingles. There’s even a puzzle in the recently-added Ginger Island to Stardew Valley where players can earn a Golden Walnut by successfully creating the mermaid’s tune with flute blocks.

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