Starlink RV review: the dawn of space internet to go

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Starlink RV review: the dawn of space internet to go

The problem with going off-grid is the lack of connection.

The urge to get away from it all without losing access to Slack and Instagram was a #vanlife trend long before COVID-19. The pandemic only accelerated it, fueled by social distancing rules, office closures, and flexible remote work policies that enable more people to set up shop from any location they choose. Few do so, however, because change is hard, and going truly remote often means being out of range of cell towers — but not satellites. That’s where Starlink RV comes in.

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SpaceX launched its internet from space service in public beta in October 2020. The service has steadily improved ever since we tested it in May 2021, when we found it to be “unreliable, inconsistent, and foiled by even the merest suggestion of trees.” The latest advancements include the release of a smaller rectangular dish and sanctioned support for portability, most expressly with the launch of the Starlink RV service. Starlink RV allows owners to take their $599 / €639 Dishy McFlatface anywhere (on the same continent) there’s coverage, which now means large swaths of North America and nearly all of Western Europe. You can even pause and unpause the $135 / €124 per month service so that you’re only paying for the months you need it.

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