Superman's Forgotten Weakness Has Finally Caught Up With Him

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Superman's Forgotten Weakness Has Finally Caught Up With Him

In Superman and the Authority #3, Superman takes on an enemy who gets the upper hand on him, exposing his plan that taps into a forgotten weakness!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superman and the Authority #3!

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In Superman and the Authority #3, an old foe, Ultra-Humanite, takes Superman to the one place that naturally makes him lose his powers: the Bottle City of Kandor. In this issue, Superman and his Authority team are successfully able to recruit Enchantress. But there isn’t much time to get acquainted as Dubai is attacked by a horde of mass-produced “Missile-Men.” The team led by Manchester Black attempt to stop the invasion, while Superman is back at Fort Superman.

Introduced back in DC Comics’ Golden Age, Ultra-Humanite is the first supervillain to have ever faced off against Superman. Much like Lex Luthor, Ultra-Humanite was created to be an opposing threat who has an intellectual advantage over the Man of Steel. However, Ultra-Humanite’s weakness is that he is paralyzed from the waist down and therefore, is unable to put up a physical threat. But everything has changed with Ultra-Humanite’s reintroduction in this issue.

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