Survivor 41: Everything To Know About Cast Member Evvie Jagoda

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Survivor 41: Everything To Know About Cast Member Evvie Jagoda

Survivor contestant Evvie Jagoda hopes to win the show’s 41st season. If they succeed, they’ll be the first non-binary winner in Survivor history.

Season 41 of Survivor, which has finally aired after a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has 18 castaways competing for the win, one of them being Evvie Jagoda. If Evvie wins this season of Survivor, they will not only hold the title of Sole Survivor, but they will also be the first non-binary person to ever win the competition.

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Survivor first aired back in 2000 and quickly became a television sensation. However, in recent years, the show has been criticized for not being inclusive enough and lacking diversity in its casting. The show’s producers promised to turn things around for season 41, and Evvie has expressed their pride in being part of that process. At the end of the Survivor competition, after contestants have competed in various challenges and survived with minimal supplies, the contestants who were voted out choose who they think should win the title of “Sole Survivor.” In season 41, Evvie believes they have what it takes to receive that title.

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