Survivor 41: Why Sara Wilson Didn't Use Shot In The Dark Opportunity

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Survivor 41: Why Sara Wilson Didn't Use Shot In The Dark Opportunity

Sara Wilson became the second player voted off of Survivor 41. Here’s why Sara didn’t take advantage of the Shot in the Dark safety twist.

Survivor‘s season 41 two-hour premiere last week saw MIT graduate Sara Wilson become the second player voted out after opting not to use the season’s new “Shot in the Dark” twist for a chance at safety. The Shot in the Dark allows each contestant one opportunity to risk their vote for safety. Each contestant is given a die they can cash in for a one-in-six chance of being safe from elimination. If they draw and don’t receive immunity, they must sacrifice their vote at Tribal Council.

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Sara found herself in trouble quickly on the Ua Tribe after a devastating loss at the immunity challenge. The Ua tribe performed well throughout the challenge, but a crucial misstep during the puzzle portion led to the tribe losing immunity. Back at camp, the six tribe members scrambled to form a target. Sara and her Ua tribemate, Shan Smith, became the easy targets for the tribe after struggling to solve the puzzle due to a mistake in unpacking the pieces from their bags. Their tribemate Brad Reese even told them both to their faces that they were on the chopping block. After a tense Tribal Council, however, it was ultimately Sara who got the boot.

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