Sweet Tooth: How The Show's Final Scene Sets Up Season 2's Biggest Twist

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Sweet Tooth: How The Show's Final Scene Sets Up Season 2's Biggest Twist

Sweet Tooth’s final scene gives a preview of what to expect in the next season, hinting that the most earth-shattering revelations are yet to come.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Tooth season 1.

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After eight lengthy episodes full of twists and turns, the first season of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth concludes with a final scene that foreshadows what may be season 2’s biggest twist. In the last few minutes of the finale, the show reveals that Birdie, the woman who has been missing since the beginning of the series, is alive and has taken refuge in an Alaskan U.S. Army facility. The scene is short, but it contains enough hidden details to suggest that a massive story point is just on the horizon.

Sweet Tooth takes place in a world where an event called the “Great Crumble” brings human society to the brink of collapse. While many people survive this catastrophe, the world is forever changed as a disease called the Sick runs rampant throughout communities and hybrid children with animal-like features begin to be born. In the midst of this new world, Gus – a boy born with deer antlers – sets out on a dangerous journey to find his missing mother Birdie, navigating the treacherous countryside alongside a stoic wanderer named Tommy Jepperd. It is intriguing that Birdie’s true whereabouts are in Alaska because, in the original Sweet Tooth comic series, that is where the mystical origins of the hybrids are revealed.

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