Tails of Iron Review: An Excellent Medieval Tale

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Tails of Iron Review: An Excellent Medieval Tale

Tails of Iron is an exceptionally made game with beautiful storybook-inspired visuals and a difficult, Souls-like approach to combat encounters.

Tails of Iron is a 2D RPG adventure developed by Odd Bug Studio and published by United Labels Games. The anthropomorphic rat-focused game is an amazing fantasy gaming experience that delivers storybook-esque graphics and tough-as-nails combat, making it a strong choice for anyone who enjoys strong narratives or good action-RPGs.

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Inspired by Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, the story of Tails of Iron picks up years after a war between rats and frogs, with the rodents claiming victory and living the medieval lifestyle. The elderly King Rattus is stepping down from his reign, and players assume the role of his son and heir Redgi as he is about to take over for his father. This seemingly simple transition of power turns deadly when the Frog Clan invades, killing King Rattus and sending the kingdom into anarchy. It falls on Redgi’s small rat shoulders to take back his Kingdom, save his brothers and defeat the Frog Clan once and for all.

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