The 2 Best Remote Control Helicopters of 2021

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The 2 Best Remote Control Helicopters of 2021

Take to the skies with our collection of the best remote control helicopters, our collection of both professional and hobbyist RC rotor-wing aircraft are here to help you fulfill all your deepest Apocalypse Now fantasies. Besides how cool they look, there are some things to consider before buying a RC helicopter. These toys do have something a learning curve, so if you’re new to the hobby we’d recommend one suited for beginners. But if you’re a seasoned vet with some flight time under your belt, there are some awesome choices that will enable you to pull off some fancy maneuvers.

This palm-sized helicopter is only eight inches long, but what the Syma S111G lacks in size it more than makes up for with wallet-friendly pricing. Ready out of the box with five to six minutes of flight time, it takes only 30 minutes of charging to get the S111G back in the air, allowing for dozens of opportunities to fly every day. The Coast Guard design adds a little extra design flair to the durable frame that’s more than capable of standing up to beginner users who might find themselves on the wrong end of a crash.

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Utilizing an integrated electric gyroscope system, the S111G is easy to control and allows for extra stability during flight. The adjustable trim control and multi-directional flight controls allow the helicopter to move up and down and rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise, as well as move forward and backward. The coaxial blades provide extra stability and durability during flight.

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