The 6 Best LCD TV/DVD Player Combos of 2021

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The 6 Best LCD TV/DVD Player Combos of 2021

Introduced a little over two decades ago, DVDs are still enjoyed by many. Most of us have a collection of DVDs, old and new, and still frequently watch these television shows and movies. With all of the technologies available now for TVs, DVD players, and other home theatre equipment, a TV/DVD player combo is one of the most convenient ways to play them. 

Due to the size and weight of most combined units, you can use them in various settings. A TV/DVD player can be used as a handy second screen for your bedroom, an office computer monitor, or entertainment in your college dorm room. No matter the purpose, one of these panels is a cost-effective way to keep your movie collection relevant.

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Speaking of relevance, you’ll be glad to know TV/DVD player combo manufacturers are staying relevant with technology. Many units have a variety of inputs that will allow streaming through services like Roku or Chromecast. 

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