The 6 Best Walkie-Talkies of 2021

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The 6 Best Walkie-Talkies of 2021

The best walkie-talkies incorporate extensive battery life, range, clarity, and durability. Apart from letting you fulfill your wildest big rig fantasies, the best walkie-talkies are a fantastic way to keep small teams in touch with one another. There are tons of things to consider when looking for a set that meets your needs. Any two-way radio is a fantastic gadget to have on hand where closed-loop communication is required, or where cell service is spotty or would otherwise be impeded.

Besides providing a means of constant communication that can withstand some remarkably harsh operating conditions, some of these radios come equipped with some cool features to turn them into true workhorses. Some boast features like built-in LED flashlights, FM radios, and emergency weather updates. While just about any smartphone can be turned into a de facto walkie-talkie through dedicated apps, they can still fall victim to spotty cell service and have a fraction of the battery life. Any of our best walkie-talkies are fantastic for anyone frequently escaping to the boonies or just needing a constant line of communications between teams.

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