The 7 Best Attic Antennas of 2021

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The 7 Best Attic Antennas of 2021

Ready to cut the cord but not sure how to get started? It’s easy to find an antenna that can pick up network channels and local stations including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and even PBS, that way you can free yourself from a hefty cable bill. We’ve pored through the options to find some great choices that are powerful enough to get a reliable signal when located in an average attic.

Looking for big range without a big price tag? The Homevision Technology Digiwave Antenna can access local channels up to 70 miles away from the broadcast source. It is compatible with any TV, DVR, or computer equipped with a digital tuner, so you can have multiple options for viewing. This powerful TV antenna allows you to pick up both UHF and HD signals and can get clear reception for local channels in frequencies from 470 to 862 MHz. Made from sturdy materials including solid aluminum and a waterproof dipole box, this antenna is designed to resist the elements even in a non-weatherproofed attic, so it can continue to provide your household with free access to TV channels for a long time. Many components of the antenna are pre-assembled, too, making this exceptionally easy to install.

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With the GE Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna, you get a premium product at a discount price. GE is one of America’s most-trusted electronics brands, and their antenna is specifically designed to be installed in an attic so it can provide fantastic reception while staying out of sight. The antenna’s compact, high-performance design makes it easy to install and angle for the best reception to your home. In order to further boost performance, this antenna comes with signal-enhancing reflectors that increase signal strength and reduce signal dropouts. The GE Pro also provides broad-spectrum reception for both UHF and VHF stations, and it receives uncompressed 1080P signals for better definition. It even comes with everything you need to install it including a mounting bracket, mast, assembly instructions, and a limited-lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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