The 7 Best Remote Control Cars of 2021

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The 7 Best Remote Control Cars of 2021

The best remote control cars are fast, sturdy, and look really slick swooping around your driveway or the park. RC cars have gotten more sophisticated in the past several years, and new technology means more stable signals from the remote to the car, chassis built from more durable material, and much higher speeds than the previous generation. They great for practically any kid, especially those that enjoy playing outside or love cars, but they’re also the perfect gift for any adult that still has that childlike sense of wonder where remote-controlled vehicles and exhilarating speed are concerned.

Bezgar’s RC car is beautiful little machine that doesn’t sacrifice performance for aesthetics. It packs a powerful motor that allows it to reach up to 25KM/H (around 15MPH), but its rugged all-alloy frame means it’ll hold up to hard collisions, even at top speed. It’s also significantly bigger than many RC cars, 1/14th scale compared to the broadly adopted 1/18th.

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The Bezgar even has built-in shock absorbers to keep it moving over rough terrain, and fully charges in under three hours. It’s even got a lightbar stretched across the roof above the seats, so you can keep cruising after the sun goes down.

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