The 8 Best 65-Inch 4K TVs of 2021

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The 8 Best 65-Inch 4K TVs of 2021

Televisions with 65-inch screens are some of the most popular options available to customers. The screen size is almost perfect for many living rooms and home theaters, allowing for immersive viewing experiences without overwhelming the space. Many 65-inch 4K TVs have smart features, allowing you to cut the cord with cable and satellite providers and move exclusively to streaming. With preloaded suites of apps, you can get started with your next binge watch obsession right out of the box. Resolution is often enhanced with HDR support for better detailing, contrast, and color to produce more lifelike pictures, and the cinematic experience is often rounded out with virtual surround sound audio or the ability to connect external home audio equipment. 

Some brands have taken the leap into the future of home entertainment and begun to offer 8K models which produce four times the resolution of 4K models and 16 times that of 1080p HD. However, this innovation often comes at a steep price, and 8K content isn’t available for streaming or over broadcast networks yet; though if you’re forward-thinking, an 8K television is a solid investment to future-proof your home theater. Check out our top picks below to see which is perfect for your next upgrade or your first smart TV.

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