The Best 9 Songs in Starmyu Season 1, Ranked

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The Best 9 Songs in Starmyu Season 1, Ranked

When your first season has 25 songs, some are bound to be better than others.

Released in 2015, Starmyu follows the journey of Yuta Hoshitani, a boy who is inspired to become a musical star after seeing a high schooler from Ayanagi Academy performing in the rain. Despite having no prior experience in the performing arts, Hoshitani enters Ayanagi Academy and auditions to be a part of the musical department. He noticeably lacks talent, but one of the third year mentors, Itsuki Otori, choses him to be part of his star team. The anime focuses on the star team learning to work together, Hoshitani improving his singing, dancing, and acting, and the team trying to earn their spot as the top group of Ayanagi Academy.

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It’s a pretty typical idol anime, and as most people know, idol anime is all about the music. Starmyu is no different. With twenty-five songs in its first season alone, it’s jam packed with a myriad of musical numbers, both solo and group. The sound of the series is one of its strongest points, but every soundtrack has songs that rise above the rest. Without further ado, here are the top nine songs of Starmyu’s first season!

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