The best horror movies streaming on Shudder

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The best horror movies streaming on Shudder

While most streaming services have a rotating array of at least some decent horror movies, true enthusiasts likely find these to be slim pickings compared to Shudder's expertly crafted library of the greatest chills and thrills of the last hundred years. We're talking plenty of b-movies, foundational films, and curated collections by subgenre, movements, and masters of the craft. Yep, Shudder is a streaming safe haven for genre enthusiasts craving more than the tip of the iceberg, complete with a user ranking system (one to five skulls). But what are the best horror movies Shudder has to offer?

As we crafted this list, we knew that many casual horror fans are already well-acquainted with many of the streamer's greatest assets, ubiquitous films like Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Night of the Living Dead, to name a few. That's why we're including these titles along with some recommendations that dive a bit deeper into their subgenres or overarching themes. Horror aficionados may have already seen many of these films multiple times over, but that's just because they truly are the best that Shudder has to offer. Here are the must-watch horror movies on Shudder, classics and caveats, ready to stream right now (if you dare).

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