The best Netflix VPN in 2021

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The best Netflix VPN in 2021

It’s still the biggest streaming site in the world, and it’s no surprise Netflix VPN services are in seriously high demand. Picking the best VPN for unblocking region-exclusive content can be tricky, though, so that’s what we’re here to do.

If you’re not quite sure, a Netflix VPN allows you to watch content from other countries. Netflix restricts content in certain regions due to distribution rights, and as a result, many popular shows aren’t available in every country. By using a VPN with Netflix, you can virtually relocate and trick the service into showing you whatever you want.

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However, Netflix recently rolled out a new defence against VPNs, and we saw even the top providers floored by it. Now the dust has settled we’ve been left with quite a different landscape than the one we’re used to.

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