The Boys' Starlight vs Invincible's Atom Eve: Who'd Win a Comic Fight

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The Boys' Starlight vs Invincible's Atom Eve: Who'd Win a Comic Fight

Invincible’s Atom Eve & The Boys’ Starlight are both from grisly superhero universes, but looking at their comic feats, there’s a clear victor.

Starlight and Atom Eve are incredibly powerful heroines from the often grisly comic universes of the The Boys and Invincible. Not only are they similar in the way that they handle their superhero drama, but they also have similar power sets. The recent successful adaptations of The Boys and Invincible (both on Amazon Prime) have reinforced the characters’ popularity among comic book fans, but also predictably raised the question of which would triumph in a comic-accurate battle.

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Annie January, AKA Starlight, got her powers as a child, having been exposed to Compound V. After joining the Seven, The Boys’ Justice League pastiche, she quickly discovered how corrupt the superheroes, or “supes,” were, but kept her heart set on helping others. It’s important to note that the comic-book Starlight has more powers than her on-screen counterpart. Annie has enhanced strength, durability, endurance, flight, a minor healing factor common to all supes, and of course her light-projection powers. One major downside to Starlight’s skills is that she hardly gets to practice as a superhero. Vought, the company that controls the Seven, fabricates most battles as entertainment or to cover up misbehavior, which means Starlight has little to no reason to train.

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