The Eternal Cylinder review

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The Eternal Cylinder review

A winning but wayward chimera of survival game, surrealism and storybook adventure.

What is it? Like the rolling boulder levels from Crash Bandicoot, but you’re steering a herd of mutant Q*berts.
Expect to pay
Developer ACE Team
Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment
Reviewed on Intel i7-6700 HQ, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M, 8GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
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It’s tricky telling stories about the apocalypse when you’re in the middle of one. Where videogames about the End Times once dealt in nuclear wastelands, the slow onset of the climate crisis has given rise to games that are more about living with disaster than exploring its aftermath. As regards The Eternal Cylinder, that means thriving in the shadow of a steamroller the width of the horizon, guiding a troupe of elephant-nosed creatures called Trebhum through a wonderful alien ecosystem that is being steadily reduced to paste.

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