The Fiido X folding e-bike: what a difference a year makes

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The Fiido X folding e-bike: what a difference a year makes

The Fiido X folding electric bike is Fiido’s Indiegogo follow-up to last year’s Fiido D11 e-bike, a budget-priced e-bike that proved once again that you get what you pay for.

The direct-to-consumer Chinese company founded in 2016 thinks the Fiido X greatly improves upon the D11. “All the cons on D11 are disappeared,” is how the e-bike was pitched to me, even as the price was boosted to $1,298. That’s about $300 more than the D11 which, at first glance, seems justified: generic parts used on budget e-bikes are currently in short supply globally, and the Fiido X has a very long list of improvements.

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Namely, the Fiido X has a lighter, more visually striking magnesium frame that lacks the thick ugly welds found on the D11. The X also features a better folding mechanism, new torque sensor that promises more intuitive and efficient power delivery, an integrated keyless lock to prevent the saddle and battery from getting stolen, and numerous other improvements both big and small.

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