The MCU Just Set Up How Terrifying Galactus Will Be

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The MCU Just Set Up How Terrifying Galactus Will Be

The Marvel Cinematic Universe likes to drop teases for its upcoming villains. Now in What If…? a super-powered Ultron could be heralding Galactus.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Marvel’s What If…? episode 8.

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In showing how powerful Ultron is in What If…? episode 8, “What If…Ultron Won?,” the MCU teased Galactus and how deadly he could be. What If…? episode 8 finally confirmed that the series had been building to a crossover between the multiverses already established in the series. For that plan to work, they had to set up a villain worthy of bringing those forces together across the multiverse boundaries.

Galactus has an extensive history in Marvel Comics, having been first introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in The Fantastic Four comic issue #48 in 1966. The figure was eventually given a full backstory that included a version of him existing before the big bang. Galactus was a break from previous villains that had been written as he was intended to not be necessarily evil but purely fulfilling his need to survive. Galactus is known as the Devourer of Worlds because to gain the essence he needs to live he must consume entire planets. His arrival is often preceded by one of his heralds, the most famous of whom is Silver Surfer.

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