The rumored Noctua-equipped RTX 3070 appeared on Asus’ Facebook page

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The rumored Noctua-equipped RTX 3070 appeared on Asus’ Facebook page

There have been rumors that Asus partnered with Noctua, maker of very quiet PC case fans and this silent, fan-less CPU cooler, to make a custom Nvidia RTX 3070 desktop graphics card that looks like no other. While its existence has leaked a few times, picked up by PC Gamer in recent months, Wccftech was quick to spot that an Asus employee in Vietnam posted images of the graphics card and other info to the Asus ROG Vietnam Facebook page. Those assets have since been taken down, but not before Wccftech was able to snag the photos and take note of the details.

This new GPU, apparently called the RTX3070-08G-NOCTUA, won’t be as affordable as your average RTX 3070 (MSRP of $499), plus the cost of a couple of Noctua fans. Asus’ Facebook page temporarily listed the price as 26 million đồng, which converts roughly to about $1,100. Phew. Though, we won’t know the official pricing or release dates and regions until Asus posts the info again without quickly removing it afterward.

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In case Noctua isn’t a familiar name to you, its fans are often the brand of choice for PC builders who are looking for a way to keep their rig running quietly, while also adding a unique look. It’s best known for the beige and brown colorway seen above, which looks both sophisticated and retro. Beyond aesthetics, though, Noctua products tend to keep your gear cool while running quietly, while sometimes coming in a slimmer profile than other aftermarket fans.

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