The Stagg electric kettle has the best boiling button

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The Stagg electric kettle has the best boiling button

It’s a strange thing that one of the most enjoyable physical interfaces I use in my day-to-day life is on a kettle. The Stagg EKG Electric Kettle, specifically, a $150 appliance that’s almost entirely controlled through a single, magnificent dial that is a strong contender for the best way to turn on a kettle (a competition that, admittedly, lacks much competition).

Using the Stagg is a delightful experience of tactility. The main control is a single dial/button located on the front right of the base. Turning it on takes just a single press, a deep, solid click that lets you know through touch and sound that you’ve turned on the kettle. Turning it off is a similar single press, another resonant click to announce that the kettle is off.

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Lastly, there’s adjusting the target temperature, done through an incredibly satisfying rotation of the dial, with each step on the infinitely rotatable ratcheted wheel giving a physical indication that you’re adjusting it forward and back. You can watch the temperature tick up or down on a small display opposite the dial.

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