This AI-Trained 'Antistalker' App Hunts Mobile Spyware

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This AI-Trained 'Antistalker' App Hunts Mobile Spyware

Trained to recognize spyware through a machine learning model, this app monitors device sensors and data to block and notify the user on activation.

With mobile spyware on the rise and stalkerware becoming scarily prevalent, Y Combinator-backed startup Malloc has created an AI-trained app to detect the undetectable. Currently only available for Android but with plans for an iOS launch, their app — cheekily named Antistalker — runs in the background and notifies you if another app attempts to use your device’s camera or microphone. It can even tell you which app the attempt came from and, if you allow said app to use your sensors, it can let you know how long that connection is kept active.

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While spyware and stalkerware are both forms of malware, there is one big difference between the two. Spyware is malware disguised as a legitimate program, so the user typically downloads it on accident, without knowing its capabilities. Stalkerware, on the other hand, is open about what it does and is meant to be installed on someone else’s device, which can then be monitored remotely. These types of apps may be used by abusive partners, though the apps’ names give some additional information for the target audience, such as “Spy Kids Tracker” for parents or “Employee Work Spy” for employers.

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