This Halo Infinite repulsor trick shot is absolutely wild

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This Halo Infinite repulsor trick shot is absolutely wild

A new Halo Infinite clip demonstrates a masterful repulsor trick shot that, while ultimately pretty unnecessary, is a highly entertaining way to down an enemy.

As flawlessly performed and shared by Fanbyte’s Nicholas Grayson, the move involves finding a repulsor on the map, equipping the new Skewer gun, and firing off a spear into a gravity cannon. If you’re positioned just right, the spear will come hurling back toward you, at which point you’ll want to swiftly deflect it with your repulsor, ideally into an unsuspecting enemy. Again, there doesn’t appear to be any practical advantage over simply firing the spear directly at your foe, but you’ll undoubtedly earn points for the theatrics.

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you: “why are you excited about halo infinite”me: “okay so you can shoot a big spear into a gravity cannon so it comes back towards you and then you can use an energy blast to redirect it into an enemy at a 90º angle” 29, 2021

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