Thor Just Claimed the Perfect Replacement for Mjolnir

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Thor Just Claimed the Perfect Replacement for Mjolnir

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has been acting up and giving him trouble for years. In Thor #16, he finds a surprisingly fitting substitute and puts it to use.

Warning! Spoilers for Thor #16 ahead!

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Thor’s been having quite a bit of trouble with his iconic hammer Mjolnir as of late, but in Thor #16 he may have finally found a suitable replacement. One could argue the plot point of Thor struggling with his hammer has been overplayed over the last decade. His issues started back in 2014 in Original Sin #7. The original Nick Fury whispered to Thor that Gorr the God Butcher was right in his hatred for gods, leading to Thor feeling unworthy and dropping the hammer. He lost his name and worthiness for years and the hammer itself was destroyed during this time. In 2019’s War of the Realms #6, the two were finally reunited when Thor regained worthiness and re-forged the hammer to end a war.

Unfortunately for Thor, the honeymoon was short-lived. About six months later, Thor feels the hammer becoming heavier again in 2020’s Thor #1. Soon after, there are times when he can’t lift the hammer at all. Yet others who are definitely unworthy of Mjolnir, even his brother Loki, can. Casual fans will likely remember Thor’s hammer troubles extending to the MCU as well, beginning in Thor: Ragnarok when Hela shatters Mjolnir. Making up for the repetitive plot, though, is the consistently stellar quality of the comics and films that have been derived from the premise. Nevertheless, it may be time for Thor to move on from his trusty hammer.

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