Toy Story 4 Evel Knievel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

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Toy Story 4 Evel Knievel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

A case against Disney and Pixar is dismissed after allegations that Toy Story 4 profited from the late Evel Knievel’s likeness through Duke Caboom.

Disney and Pixar have avoided legal repercussions from the estate of Evel Knievel over the portrayal of Duke Caboom in 2019’s Toy Story 4Caboom, voiced by Keanu Reeves, joined the Toy Story universe as a small plastic action figure based on a fictional Canadian stuntman. Last year, K&K Promotions, the team managing Knievel’s likeness following his death, sued Disney and Pixar. They made the claim that Toy Story 4 profited from using the unauthorized likeness of the legendary daredevil.

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Now, according to Bloomberg Law, the case against Disney has been dismissed in Nevada federal court. The ruling concludes that there was not enough evidence to prove that Disney overtly tried to confuse its viewers into thinking Knievel was definitively associated with the film. A judge also dismissed the idea that Disney violated K&K’s right to publicity for the client’s intellectual property, considering the unique changes made to Caboom’s depiction.

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