United States of Captain America Has a Classic MCU Problem

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United States of Captain America Has a Classic MCU Problem

The MCU has a serious problem with villains in the Captain America films, and now the same exact issue is happening in the comics as well.

Warning: contains spoilers for United States of Captain America #4!

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The new Captain America series has a classic MCU problem that has plagued the previous two Captain America films. The patriotic hero has frequently fought against the enemies of America, and over the years those enemies have been increasingly difficult to identity, causing Captain America to face shades of grey in the United States. However, in United States of Captain America #4, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Ron Lim, a promising story about the division within America falls by the wayside to make room for the real (and perhaps inevitable) villain: the disembodied spirit of Adolf Hitler.

In United States of Captain America, Steve Rogers’ shield has been stolen and an unknown imposter (later revealed to be Speed Demon) is committing crimes while wearing Captain America’s old costume. To solve the mystery and retrieve his shield, Steve teams up with Sam Wilson and discovers the Captains Network: a group of likeminded Americans who take up the Captain America name to defend their own communities. Eventually Steve, Sam, and the Captains discover that Sin (the Red Skull’s daughter) and Warrior Woman are behind the plot; not only do they plan to kill the members of the Captains Network, they also seek to turn America against itself.

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