US and EU Reaffirm Their Commitment to Exploring Trade and Tech-Related Issues

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US and EU Reaffirm Their Commitment to Exploring Trade and Tech-Related Issues

The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) released its first joint statement reaffirming its commitment to exploring solutions to large-scale issues such as the West’s reliance on other regions for much of its tech supply chain.

The council has a broad area of focus that covers everything from encouraging cross-Atlantic trade agreements to combating the climate crisis. That’s where the “trade” part comes in. As for the “technology,” well, the TTC’s statement also revealed a wide variety of global problems it’s going to explore on that front. Read:

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“We share a strong desire to drive the digital transformation that spurs trade and investment, benefits workers, protects the environment and climate, strengthens our technological and industrial leadership, sets high standards globally, boosts innovation, and protects and promotes critical and emerging technologies and infrastructure. We intend to cooperate on the development and deployment of new technologies in ways that reinforce our shared democratic values, including respect for universal human rights, advance our respective efforts to address the climate change crisis, and encourage compatible standards and regulations. We intend to cooperate to effectively address the misuse of technology, to protect our societies from information manipulation and interference, promote secure and sustainable international digital connectivity, and support human rights defenders.”

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