Val Kilmer's Horror Movies, Ranked

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Val Kilmer's Horror Movies, Ranked

From his infamously disastrous Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) to The Super (2017), here are all of Val Kilmer’s horror movies ranked from worst to best.

One of Hollywood’s most interesting actors, Val Kilmer has starred in an impressive number of films, but how do his horror movies rank? With the big question on everyone’s mind — what happened to Val Kilmer? — answered by the surprise hit documentary Val (2021), fans have been eager to rewatch Kilmer’s classics, as well as the hidden gems of the movie star’s filmography. No doubt, as a breakout star of the ’80s, Kilmer’s best films are frontloaded to the first two decades of his career; though he’s continued to pull off an eclectic range of roles throughout the 21st century.

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kilmer always had a foot in (or at least near) Hollywood, even while attending Juilliard School in New York City throughout the early ’80s. After years of honing his craft, Kilmer quickly rose to fame with his iconic role as “Iceman“, the arch-rival to Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” in 1986’s Top Gun. Following what’s arguably his most memorable role, Kilmer partook in a wide variety of roles, ranging from the majestic Madmartigan of Willow (1988) to his much-celebrated performance as Batman in Batman Forever (1995).

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