Valve’s Steam Deck Will Let You Dual Boot Windows

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Valve’s Steam Deck Will Let You Dual Boot Windows

As we rapidly approach the release of the Steam Deck, we are getting a steady drip-feed of new information about Valve’s portable gaming PC. Now, in a new FAQ, Valve said you can dual boot to Windows, making it easier to get the full Windows experience on the go.

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On Valve’s new FAQ, the company addressed BIOS and dual booting on the Steam Deck. The company said, “Multi-boot is supported – you can have multiple OSes installed and choose which one to boot into. Users will have access to the BIOS menu.”

Not only can you dual boot Windows, but Valve says that you can launch an operating system from an SD card, which will save valuable space, especially if you choose to go with the cheaper Steam Deck with less storage.

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