VanMoof S3 e-bike review: better than the best

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VanMoof S3 e-bike review: better than the best

Electric bikes, like cars, come in tiers of quality and prestige. Dependable commuter bikes start at around $1,000. At $1,500, they start to look nice, with batteries and motors integrated into the overall aesthetic. Above $2,000 you start seeing sleek designs, advanced electronics, and a preponderance of high-end or original components. On that scale, VanMoof’s premium prices have made it the BMW of e-bikes (or Tesla, if you prefer).

VanMoof is now taking preorders for its newest pedal-assisted electric bikes: the S3 and X3. They’re follow-ups to the full-sized S2 and compact X2 theft-defying e-bikes released in 2018 and two of the highest-rated e-bikes we’ve ever tested.

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Despite a similar appearance, VanMoof says the S3 and X3 are “an upgrade to the S2 and X2 in every way,” yet they cost $400 to $1,400 less than VanMoof’s previous generations of electrics. Priced at $1,998 / €1,998, VanMoof is aggressively setting a new entry point for premium e-bikes that can cost well over $3,000.

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