Venom Just Stopped Carnage From His Deadliest Attack Ever

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Venom Just Stopped Carnage From His Deadliest Attack Ever

Carnage just tried to unleash one of his deadliest attacks to date, but thankfully, Venom was there to stop him before millions were infected.

Warning! Spoilers for Venom/Carnage Infinity Comic #1 by Marvel Comics below

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In his latest attempt to kill thousands of people, Carnage just tried to poison the reservoir that supplies water to millions of people. However, thanks to Venom detecting the murderous monster as he was literally poisoning the well, the hero managed to confront him, leading to an epic battle between the two symbiotes. Carnage seemed more than pleased to fight the man he calls “daddy.”

Cletus Kasady and his symbiote Carnage are one of the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe. Carnage’s rap sheet is longer than most, as he’s used his symbiote to kill and infect thousands of people during his lifetime. Most famously, Carnage slaughtered thousands of people in Manhattan during the Maximum Carnage storyline and has also infected an entire town with his symbiote. Carnage also hasn’t been shy about killing fellow symbiotes who stand in his way – including his own offspring. Now, the symbiote just launched his potential deadliest attack ever.

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