Welcome to Plathville: Show Secrets That Most Fans Don't Know

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Welcome to Plathville: Show Secrets That Most Fans Don't Know

Welcome to Plathville fans may not know some big secrets about the show and its cast members. Here are some lesser-known facts about the series.

Fans of Welcome to Plathville have gotten to know the Plath family through three seasons, and it’s time to share some lesser-known facts about the popular series. Kim and Barry Plath raised their nine children without any outside influences, on a large farm in rural Georgia. There have been a lot of struggles in the reality TV family. Several of the older kids have decided to embrace new lives away from their parents’ strict rules while maintaining bonds with their younger siblings.

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Welcome to Plathville introduced nine Plath kids, and each one has a distinct personality. For example, oldest child Ethan Plath was the golden child until he married someone Kim and Barry disapproved of. Moriah Plath is the second-oldest daughter and the most rebellious Plath child. Her younger sister Lydia Plath seems to be the most obedient of the kids. The eldest daughter Hosanna Plath is not on Welcome to Plathville. That’s because she was already married (and had moved across the country) before the family started filming.

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