What is Monochrome Photography?

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What is Monochrome Photography?

By comparison, black and white photography uses only 255 variations of gray as well as black and white (which aren’t strictly considered colors, but that’s a story for another time). So, you can see why it’s easy to confuse monochrome photography with black and white.

The easiest way to remember what monochrome means is to break the word down into two parts: mono and chrome. Mono means one, and chrome refers to color. One color. And that’s precisely the point of monochrome photography. To use a single color and all the tones of that color to capture an image that expresses or elicits a desired emotion.

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Black & white is the only style of monochrome photography that even contains true blacks and true whites. Other styles of monochrome photography will contain a wide range of tonal variation that are sometimes very dark or very light, but they will all be based on a single color.

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