Where To Buy Squid Game’s Tracksuit Online

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Where To Buy Squid Game’s Tracksuit Online

The Squid Game tracksuits have become quite popular in the days since the show’s release on Netflix, and here’s where they can be purchased online.

The Squid Game tracksuits are already available to buy online despite the new Netflix series only being out for a short time. Set in present-day South Korea, Squid Game tells the story of a group of struggling, down-on-their-luck characters recruited by a mysterious organization to take part in a series of six, increasingly-deadly survival games.

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After agreeing to take part in the game — which they later find out offers a 45.6 billion won to anyone who lives long enough to claim it — the players are drugged and brought to a secret location where they awake to find themselves in matching dark green tracksuits. The players are also assigned numbers which are, fittingly, emblazoned on their tracksuits. Slick, stylish, and fashionable even when splattered with the blood of their fellow players, the Squid Game tracksuits are already this Halloween season’s must-have costume. In fact, a number of sites are already making room on their virtual shelves next to the Cruella wigs and WandaVision couple’s costumes to sell Squid Game tracksuits.

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