Where to Find Bottles of Ghoulish Green in Fortnite

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Where to Find Bottles of Ghoulish Green in Fortnite

The Ghoulish Green bottles in Fortnite customize Toona Fish with a new color. Players will need to find all three bottles to customize the skin.

Discovering where to find Ghoulish Green in Fortnite season 8 allows players to continue to customize their Toona Fish skin. Season 8 has introduced new 2D NPC Toona Fish into the game. This skin is themed around classic 1930s cartoons but has a unique mechanic that makes it stand out from the rest of the skins from this Battle Pass. Scattered around the map, players will be able to find color jars. If players collect enough of them, they can head into the menu and customize the color of the Toona Fish outfit. With well over 50 combinations available in Fortnite, and more options possible as the season progresses, finding every jar is a true challenge this season.

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Ghoulish Green is one of the customization options for Toona Fish. It will transform this skin into a bright green akin to something directly out of the Ghostbusters series. Players will need to collect color jars to unlock this color option. Because there are so many around the map, players will likely just stumble across them by accident.

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