Who The Severed Head In God of War Ragnarök's Trailer Is

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Who The Severed Head In God of War Ragnarök's Trailer Is

The severed head that appears in God of War Ragnarok’s trailer is god of knowledge Mimir, who will reprise his important role form the prior game.

With a new trailer from the recent PlayStation Showcase, players finally got another look at God of War: Ragnarök, which confirmed that severed head character Mimir, who played a significant role in the previous game, will also be making a return. After roughly a year of speculation following Ragnarök’s announcement and initial teaser trailer, there is now some more information on where the second game, and final entry in God of War’s Norse saga, is going.

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The severed head, which is first seen in the trailer using its mouth to hold a sort of stylus for writing, is Mimir, the Norse god of knowledge or wisdom. Mimir is first encountered in God of War atop Midgard’s tallest mountain while Kratos and Atreus are seeking the Nine Realms’ highest peak in order to scatter Laufey’s (Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother) ashes. There Mimir was tied to an unbreakable tree, imprisoned by Odin after being suspected of aiding the Giants against Odin’s son Thor. Unable to free Mimir from the tree, Kratos opted to sever Mimir’s head instead. After seeking out Freya to revive Mimir, the severed head became the third member of the main trio which players travel with throughout the Nine Realms.

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