Who Wrote The Addams Family Theme Song: Origins Explained

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Who Wrote The Addams Family Theme Song: Origins Explained

The golden age of television theme songs is over and yet some like The Addams Family live on as part of popular culture. Here’s who wrote the theme.

Audiences are well-acquainted with the kooky, ooky Addams family but few may know the history and origins of the classic The Addams Family theme song. The Addams family returned once again in MGM’s The Addams Family 2, which arrived in time to join the Halloween horror movies of 2021. This film will mark the twelfth appearance of the famed family in film and television. Moreover, the animated adventure will once again feature the franchise’s famous theme song. The now instantly recognizable theme has accompanied the creepy clan in nearly all their on-screen appearances.

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Interestingly, the history of The Addams Family theme song runs parallel with the family itself. At the same time the song was in development, Charles Addams’s original cartoon characters were receiving their iconic names for the first time ahead of the 1964 Addams Family television series. Prior to the show, the characters were never provided names and had appeared in illustrations within the pages of The New Yorker. Charles Addams first introduced the Addams family in 1938 so, therefore, the theme was instrumental in introducing audiences to the spooky new television family.

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