Why Bridgerton Was More Popular On Netflix Than Stranger Things & Witcher

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Why Bridgerton Was More Popular On Netflix Than Stranger Things & Witcher

Netflix has revealed Bridgerton season 1 was even bigger than Stranger Things and The Witcher – so why was it such a hit for the streaming giant?

Netflix’s Bridgerton was more popular than even the likes of Stranger Things and The Witcher – but why was that the case? In August 2017, Netflix signed a multi-year deal with Shonda Rhimes and her ShondaLand production company – one that reportedly cost the streaming giant $100 million. Not only was this a way of acquiring great content, it also served as a signal to industry that they were serious in their desire to acquire some of the best talent in the business.

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It’s clearly paid off. Netflix is traditionally reluctant to disclose details on the performance of their various films and TV shows, but co-CEO Ted Sarandos recently gave a look under the hood in a presentation at the Code Conference 2021. “It’s way too early to tell — you have to look back on this things over many years,” he initially began, as though avoiding responding to questions about Rhimes, before revealing the deal will have already paid off with Bridgerton alone. The news was accompanied by data confirming Bridgerton season 1 had accumulated 625 million viewing hours over its first 28 days, contrasted with 582 million for Stranger Things season 3 and 541 for The Witcher season 1. In the short-term, then, Bridgerton has been even more of a hit than Stranger Things and The Witcher (although third-party analytics suggests this probably isn’t the case in the long-term, with Stranger Things routinely identified as the most in-demand digital original worldwide).

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