Why Deathloop Tells Players They Already Know The Code

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Why Deathloop Tells Players They Already Know The Code

Deathloop’s tutorial features Colt’s inner voice insisting players “know the code,” and the code actually references Looking Glass Studios.

Deathloop‘s tutorial serves as an introduction to gameplay mechanics and the overarching plot, but it also hides a clever Easter egg by suggesting players “know the code.” This suggestion has a double meaning, alluding to Colt’s amnesia while also referencing a common theme in other story-based first-person shooters. Experienced players of this genre may remember using this code to open the first door in BioShock and open a supply crate in Firewatch. The significance of these numbers stretches back to the 1990s-2000s when a company called Looking Glass Studios developed some of the first immersive FPS titles that heavily influenced modern game design.

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Looking Glass Studios operated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and its office was the birthplace of some of the most influential titles in the gaming industry to date. Series like Thief and System Shock broke away from nonstop action to embrace a more involved form of storytelling. Former employees from Looking Glass have also developed titles inspired by their former employer’s styles. However, the company’s history fails to explain the importance of Deathloop’s code.

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