Why Electron Apps Can Be Less Than Ideal

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Why Electron Apps Can Be Less Than Ideal

Web apps are all over the internet, and now they’re taking over your computer.

“Electron” is a name that can give even the most casual Mac users the jitters. It’s a way for developers to write their app once, and have it run on Windows, Mac, and in the web browser. But that’s because Electron apps are running in a browser, a Chromium-based browser disguised as an app. And now Agile Bits, the developer of 1Password, is ditching its official Mac app for Electron. That doesn’t sound so bad, so why are people so angry?

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“Thanks to the Chromium engine, with the Electron, apps are rendered as if they are running in a browser. However, this has a cost: high CPU and RAM usage compared to [officially supported] apps,” web-app developer Burak Özdemir told Lifewire via email.

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